Targeted Product Sampling and Demonstrations

PromoWorks was founded to provide shoppers with engaging in-store experiences and our clients with unparalleled in-store success. Sampling and demos are part of our DNA. That’s why we do it better than anyone else, with industry-changing insights and an industry-leading execution rate.

We’ve changed the way you should think about sampling. Evolved it from the unemotional task of handing a sample to someone to the emotional connectivity of engaging a shopper with your brand. We achieve such a high rate of success for you because we put your brand in the right shoppers’ hands, involve them with it, educate them about it, and ultimately convert them to buyers of it.

Through our Nielsen partnership we target stores with the highest brand potential.

We use our one-of-a-kind SmartSelect process to match Engagement Specialists with your brand and educate them on it.

We use our shopper marketing expertise to craft programs that integrate your campaigns and engage shoppers to create the most impact.

We use our unique retail and field infrastructure to know your stores and execute at the highest levels.

And we use our pioneering R.I.S.E.™ measurement tools so you can see how well it works and plan for the future success of your brand.

All of which is provided to you with one single point of contact to make it easy for you to implement, no matter the scale or complexity.

Includes shelf stable foods, refrigerated and frozen, deli, cleaning and household products, health and beauty, wellness, tools, electronics, financial services and much more.